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Gallery 3

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Damage to copper and fiber optic cable facilities due to ditch burning north of Toronto on April 1, 2010. The fire melted a hand-hole causing damage to the cable resulting in a service outage.
Close-up shot of burned cables.
View of burned ditch looking south from Toronto Wapsi bridge. The hole next to the post shows the location where the hand-hole cover meleted and collapsed. Hand-holes are installed level with the surface of the ground.
Burned hand-hole. This photo shows the remaining bottom rim of the hand-hole. Originally this was installed below the ground. Hand-holes are normally about 16-inches high. The fire melted the cover and most of the side walls.
F&B crews digging a trench so a new section of cable can be installed and spliced in to restore services.
Trench to install new cables to hand-hole under Toronto Wapsi bridge.

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