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Photo Gallery

Gallery 1

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Early F&B lineman John W. Neff is pictured loading his open-top work truck with tools in the early 1900s. Whether during the hot summer months or  in winter snow storms, Neff makes the regular rounds of the line or answers emergency repair calls.
Climbing a pole at age 82 is something most people don't have under their belt. But early lineman John W. Neff did. A newspaper article from 1943 said, "In spite of his age, he climbs the poles with as much ease as men many years younger than he is."
Neff is shown as he answers the phone at his Calamus home. Most of these calls meant repair jobs, and most of the calls came when the weather is bad.
Chief switchboard operator at Calamus, Anna Minor, sits at a switchboard she had operated since 1943. This photo taken in 1959 was the last last day she was with work, as the community switched to dial telephones.
Installers connect wiring at the new F&B office in Calamus. The building was opened and in operation in the late 1960s.
The Wheatland business office prior to the 1967 remodel. This photo was taken in the fall of 1965.
Wheatland's new telephone office following a remodeling project in 1967.

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